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Welcome to Haweli - The Grand Lux Indian Restaurant

Haweli Indian was established in 1983 and has always been popular with locals and visitors alike. At the Haweli food is prepared with love and passion,and customers greeted with an ever-warm welcome.

Fazlul Bari, the manager, became a restaurateur through his enthusiasm for food, and his menu expresses this enthusiasm. The best of a wide variety of Indian cuisine is prepared with whole spices, intelligent innovation and careful attention to detail.

Sizzling Tandoori Garlic Chili Chicken, a chicken tandoori dish with fresh coriander, fresh mint, green chillies, garlic and ginger juice. Baigan Masllader, a unique vegetarian dish prepared with whole baby aubergines.

Goa chicken, a spicy dish in coconut sauce with exquisite spices...and delicate coastal dishes from Bengal with seafood, white fish fillet and trout. Other dishes include Chicken Jalfarezi, Chicken Green Masalla and Lamb Kalia. The special Lemon Rice is an absolute addition to your palate